4 Chocolate Holiday Beers You Will Love

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Every year breweries indulge in the flavorful tradition that is the crafting of special ales and lagers for holiday feasts and celebrations. While there is no steadfast definition of what exactly constitutes a “Christmas beer” the variety of flavors that come around this time of year is amazing; some are spiced, some extremely hoppy, and still others are crafted in conventional styles like Bock and India Pale Ale which are generally a bit stronger than conventional beers, and share the spirit of celebration and indulgence, much like the holidays themselves.

Some of the most extravagant of these holiday beers come in the form of chocolate brews, and lucky for us many delicious and unique chocolate beers are being crafted by American breweries, we have taken it upon ourselves to outline 4 of our favorite chocolate beers for the holiday season.

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