5 Branding Mistakes in the Apparel Industry

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2. Bottles with MODELS!

No matter how good hearted and pure your brand is when you start out the thought of models and fame is bound to cross your mind. Frequenting bars using your brand as a pickup line is like playing with fire. Promising a model spot to a someone who’s good looking doesn’t mean they’ll be reliable or do your product justice, you may be left with an awkward situation and a heap of terrible photos. Starting a clothing company with the goal of getting someone nude on camera may ultimately lead to a reputation as a pervert. Keep in mind every failed attempt to pursue the opposite sex is one more person that may have something negative to say about your brand.

Do: Stay professional

  • You are the face of your brand: Leave people with a good impression
  • Make connections: You never know how valuable a single customer may be
  • Keep in mind that modeling is a profession for a reason, the object is making your product look good and it’s not as easy as it appears.

Don’t: Mix business with pleasure

  • Even if your girlfriend or friends can model (which is unlikely) relationships can go awry and there’s nothing worse than seeing your products on someone you can’t stand.

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