5 Branding Mistakes in the Apparel Industry

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1. Centerpiece? ME!

This is the killer for most brands and something that seems to be surprisingly common starting out. It’s hard not to want to be the center of attention, after all it is your brand right? The more you bring focus to yourself the less attention your brand has. Your customers will associate every shot, product picture and advertisement with your brand. Your target market will have a difficult time of relating to your product because they can’t relate to your personal image.

While using your brand to promote your career as a DJ and your hand crafted yard decorations may seem lucrative, staying true to your brand provides your customer base a fuller, more robust picture of what your brand is about. This is why big stores try to get neutral models for photo-shoots and commercials. If consumers see the same cocky guy with a liquor bottle in all of your picture it’s likely they will not feel your brand is for them.

Do: Grow and Show Diversity

  • People strive to be individuals, showing your brand accommodates diversity while staying true to its image will capture a large audience and make your brand feel individualistic yet inclusive

Don’t: Spotlight Yourself

  • Covering your Facebook fan page with pictures of yourself may distance you from your target market (unless you’re Oprah, in which case you can disregard this)
  • Gaining followers on your personal twitter account will not lead you or your brand to success

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