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So we caught up with Big Will the CEO and head honcho of WWS magazine.  Will just released a new music video for his single  “Anything You Like “.  We won’t lie.  The video is NUTS.  It has everything a good music video needs; a beautiful woman, fast cars, a Mariachi Band and a giant BEAR!  Ya we said it, a bear.  So check out this sick video and  interview we did with him!  Be sure to go and also


Bigwill Get Rude Magazine

Big Will Get Rude Magazine Big Will Get Rude Magazine

So Will you run WWS Magazine and on the side you have your career as rap artist “Big Will?  How hard is it to juggle both things?  Do they run hand in hand with each other?

As a matter of fact it isn’t hard anymore because we have a lot of leverage at the companies me and my group runs.  My music career is completely separated from my businesses; however, it does certainly help to have a lot of major connections in business, politics, as well as entertainment!  It is surely the way to go if you can handle it!

If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before you went into the magazine and rap business what would it be?

That entertainment is where your heart belongs and no matter what, do never ever quit; death before giving up! And I would tell myself how dope you are and how much success you will achieve.

So you just released your new music video.  Anything you would like to tell us?  What was your favorite thing about shooting that video and what’s up with that bear?

Yes that was actually a fantasy video.   I’m making a statement.  It’s simply telling my girl that she can have whatever she wants!  Instead of a stuffed animal she can have a walking one.  You want a Ferrari? That’s fine!  Whatever you want baby!  My favorite thing about the video was the bear!

So everyone reaches a moment when they realize they made it.  With you and your magazine tell us when you really felt like you made it big with your career.

I knew I had made it big the day that I made all my dreams come true.  That’s more important than anything.  You have to know what your own definition of success is.  Everyone has a different definition.  My definition is seeing my visions become reality; so every day I feel successful because every day I make a plan and achieve it. That’s how I feel. Money and power doesn’t meet my criteria in my own success. You have to know what you want in life and plan to get it. There is no backing out if you want to make it happen. You must keep running every single day of your life.

So out of all the songs you two have , if there was one song you would
recommend for “Getting your freak on” what song would it be?

I would say Anything You Like!  Haha!  That’s the jam this summer!

bigwill1 RUDE magazine

Big Will RUDE magazine

So your magazine has helped us out as a clothing line and has really helped a lot of other brands, models and artists.  Do you have any other plans to help out smaller companies and groups moving forward?

Yes, I am all about the underdogs. The bigger companies and entities do not need as much help. We are offering a lot  more services and products this year for our clients. The WWS Company was made to cater to start ups and newbies.

Rewind 7 years ago to what were you doing before all of this?

Well I’ve been in the entertainment business since I was 18. That’s when I decided to get into this industry. I had no experience, no money, nothing. Thanks to my friends, who had record labels, that helped fund the company and bring it to life. I could not have done it myself at all. I give a lot of credit to our clients, customers and staff. They are everything to me. They are family.

How has your music evolved since you first begun and what would you
credit it to?

Music wise, I really sucked when I first came out, it sounded horrible. I credit it to God because the more I make music, the better I get. That’s just how it works. You get better as you go. You crawl, walk and then run. That’s the rule of nature.

What’s one of the highlighting moments in your career as of now?

I like to perform and go on tour every summer. Those are always really fun.

Any last shout outs to the people who have helped you get to where you are today?

There are way too many to name. I appreciate everyone’s help from the small record labels to big timers and hustlers. I want to thank my team and staff who run WWS Magazine and all the other companies in our group. Thank you all!


bigwill3 Rude Magazine

Big Will

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