Over the new years we caught up with San Francisco native Ricky Reed the brain child behind the funky fusion of old school and new school group as we know as WALLPAPER. WALLPAPER has been blowing up everywhere from Youtube to MTV and even getting a shout out from Bevis and Butthead.When our guy Spencer Sol came to us with his video #STUPiDFACEDD we could not help but reach out to him about a feature. Wallpaper hit the scene in 2009 with its debut EP “Doodoo Face” (Referring to the face a person makes when a sound is really funky ) After that the rest was history with wallpaper pushing to turn pop music into what it use to be at its prime.RudeWallpaper

So how did Wallpaper form?

“Started rocking house parties in Oakland. Needed a drummer. That was Arjun. He ran off to India. Needed another. And another. Found Novena in an SF club. Arjun came back. We have band.”

When did wallpaper stop being a side project and become a full time thing?

“When I learned about funk music. I realized how it spoke to me and how I speak to it. We r like best bros.  That’s when it got ‘full time.'”

Where do you see things going in 5 years?

“Downhill. Oh you mean for me? Uphill. Well, downhill actually. As in, I spent all these years dragging my sled up the mountain and I’m finally about to have the ride of my life.”

Best Wallpaper song to make freaky-funky  love to?

“Freaky love, yikes hahaha. I mean for slow jams I got “txt me yr love” and “fine gf.” But prob the best is my cover of Adele’s “Rumour Has It.”  That’s just NASTY.”

Rude Magazine WallpaperFavorite city to play in and why?

“The Bay. Oakland, SF, anywhere here. It’s home, plain and simple d00d.”

What is rule number 1 on the tour bus?

“Rule number one is to get a tour bus. Yes we are still a van band. Once we get a bus, the rule will be ‘no sex in the bus except me.’ Me being me. Ricky.”

What was your favorite video to shoot and what did you like most about it?

“‘#STUPiDFACEDD’ was the best because it was so fun, low key, and totally insane. Mostly close friends being fueled by Costco booze and sleep deprivation makes for a good party. A good party makes for a good music video.”

What kind of projects are you currently working on ? And when can we expect a new video from you?

“I’m working on me. That has a real self-help vibe to it. But I guess that’s what I’m doin. Helpin myself to some market share. Getting another full-length ready takes up most my time. That and making fresh squeezed mimosas for my homies.”

wallpaperRUDEMAGWe are almost to 2012 , what is going to be your new years resolution?

“Eat more candy, exercise less and grow more distant from my immediate family.”

If you could work with any dead musician on a collaboration who would it be?

“Kurt Cobain. Sam Cook. Tupac.”

Any last shout outs?

“Love Is love #Stupidfacedd”


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