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This week’s featured clothing line is Bluu Dreams; a New York based clothing company focused around a deep-sea diver and his search for the treasure at the bottom of the ocean, inspiring their tag line “Follow your dreams.” Check out what AndyRocksBluu had to say in our interview with him and be sure to use the discount code he provided RUDE Magazine. We will be giving out a big package that Bluu Dreams sent us at the end of this week on our contest page!

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How did you come up with the name for your company?

I always wanted to go with an underwater theme for my clothing brand so ‘Bluu’ was something that stuck. I then decided to base it off of the Deep Sea Diver and his search for treasure at the bottom of the ocean; dreams seemed to flow well with that idea.


How does your brand stand out from others?

Each concept and design I come up with is considered to be lost treasure found by the Deep Sea Diver. I liked the idea of him searching for treasure so much that I decided to make my own twist to his search with our clothes. All our products come in limited numbers, produced on the highest quality products, and made with very close attention to detail. In the future, I plan on releasing more collectible items to complement the designs.  You have to stay tuned to see what else I have coming up!


Promoting a brand is sometimes an arduous task, what has been the craziest most unusual marketing technique you have used? 

I can honestly say I have yet to do any crazy or unusual promotion for my brand. I simply just try to keep people on their toes. I have done unexpected raffles at shows with a chance to win my whole collection and sometimes when I put together random orders I will throw in some free B’s that can range from pins, stickers, or ‘treasure’ that hasn’t been release yet. I do random contest via Faceook, Twitter, and Instagram with a chance to win our new stuff all the time. I tell people all the time to stay in the loop because you never know when a giveaway will happen!


Rewind 5 years ago, where were you and what were you doing? 

5 years ago I was a junior in college. I was running track and field at my school and trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life. This was actually before I had the idea of starting my own clothing brand.

I would say junior year is when you realize “shit, I better start getting my life together!” Little did I know in less than a year all my lessons in marketing class were going to benefit me towards my very own business venture.



2012 is here, so what’s your company’s new year’s resolution? 

Bluu Dreams new year’s resolutions is to keep traveling, doing events, releasing limited treasure designs, and of course get in to stores.  For 2012 I plan to focus and increase the Bluu Dreams following. I want to keep learning and educating myself as much as I can and just keep having fun with the brand.


If you could have any celebrity or athlete wear one of your brand’s shirts who would it be and which shirt? 

That’s a tough question because I could definitely name and picture a hand full of celebrities that I would love to see wear my stuff. However, if I had to choose only one I would say Pharrell Williams and the tee would be the “Bluu Dreams 24 Karat Gold”.

Pharrell was one of the people that got the wheels turning for me in starting a clothing line. When I was in College BBC/Ice Cream and A Bathing Ape were juggernauts in the street wear industry. I loved how both brands made their own world through their clothing themes. I promised myself when I made my own line that I would do the same. I wanted to do a theme that I strongly believed in and one that was not done before.


Do you plan on doing any events or trade shows this year that your fans can catch you at?

Bluu Dreams will be at Sneaker Con in Washington DC on July 28th. Stay tuned on my blog www.bluudreams.com to see what other events I have planned this year!

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned about running a brand?

The best lessons I’ve learned since the start of my company is “don’t do it for the money” and “run your clothing brand like a business.”

In the beginning I was very mistaken. I thought running my own clothing line would be a piece of cake. In my head I knew fashion and consider myself a fashionable person so I thought running a brand was a no brainer. I was definitely wrong. There was a lot I didn’t know and many things I needed to learn, NOTHING was a piece of cake.I would say it took me a few years to fully grasp how to run my own clothing line. If it weren’t for my hunger to keep learning and developing my brand I would not have made it this far.


Would you like to give a shout-out to any of your supporting fans and people that have helped you along your journey?

I would like to give a special thank you to my family and friends that have followed and supported Bluu Dreams this far. I also will like to thank the new friends and supporters that I have met along the way. Lastly, I would like to say thank you to the people who said I would not have made it this far. Without them I wouldn’t have worked so hard to make the best products possible.

“Follow your dreams, not the crowd”.

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