Featured Model: Caitlin Lee

Ever wondered what a 19 year-old model who loves sweaty dudes and their gym clothes might be into? Meet Caitlin Lee, She’s a super-fit model who’s shot for Playboy’s Cyber Club and has an understandable aversion to guys in tight pants. On top of being a model Caitlin is all about honesty, fitness and education, checkout our interview with her and show her some love in the comments section below.

Name: Caitlin Lee
Location: Fort Myers, FL
Facebook: Check it out here 
Most Unusual Turn On: Sweaty athletes at the gym 😉
Biggest Turns Offs: people who don’t shower every day!!!

When you’re not busy modeling what are you doing?

I just got into Cross-fit, so i’m at the gym everyday! Absolutely love it!!! I usually wake up, go to class, workout, and catch up on some TV shows at night. Im very focused with school right now so i don’t have time for much else.

Tell us three things you never leave home without.
  • Workout shoes
  • water bottle
  • my GPS (I get lost everywhere)
What’s something you wish you were really good at and why?

Remembering peoples names. Im honestly the worst.

What is the worst job you’ve ever had?

Working for my ex-boyfriends mother as a lifeguard. DON’T EVER WORK FOR A BOYFRIENDS PARENT. Unless your married to them! Disaster waiting to happen. I was 18 years old. I worked in many departments in the Fitness Gym but she ended up getting me written up 3 times for a bunch of ridiculous things that she screwed up!

What something no man should have in his wardrobe, and something every guy should have?

UH I HATE MEN WEARING SKINNY JEANS OR CAPRIS. (Should never happen!!!) Pretty boys get lost! LOL. jk. But learn to relax and be comfy. I love guys who wear sweats just chilling.

What’s the most unique way a guy has approached you?

I had met this guy and we started hanging out as friends along with a group of people. When we would hang out he would act all into me and then later he would keep telling me that he hated blondes and girls with big boobs. He would keep flirting with me and then tell me he wasn’t into girls like me. It made me want to prove that I could be the girl he wanted. It drove me nuts!!! He ended up really having a thing for me the whole time, but while i worked on my end we ended up dating. Best way i’ve ever met a guy! I worked for it. I bet he enjoyed that! hehe

Anyone in particular you would love to model for in the future?

Maxim would be incredible!

3 Ways to tell if a guy is confident, go!

The way to tell if a guy is confident in himself is when he isn’t afraid to be who he is. He doesn’t get embarrassed about anything, and he can tell you anything about himself straight up.

What super hero is the hottest to you and why?

Superman. He’s the man!!! Love his tight outfit 😉

Tell us what alcoholic drink is your weakness?

Im actually not a fan of alcohol. Im very into fitness and my body. Im also 19 so i can’t really go out and drink.

Most embarrassing moment at a photo shoot or industry-related event?

It had to be when i tripped and ate floor during a shoot. I was goofing around, dancing around and i tripped over a cord or something. HA. I usually say “I always trip, but i never fall.” But that officially ended that day!

What’s the first thing about a guy that catches your eye?

His eyes. I feel like you can see genuine-ness in someone through their eyes.

Any last shout-outs to people in the industry, friends or family?

Please check out my fan page!!! Also check out my Playboy pictorials on Playboy.com Cyber Club and leave me a shout out or comment! XOXO

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