Featured Model Sarah Clayton

Name: Sarah Clayton
Location: Drums, PA
Facebook: Here
Most Unusual Turn On: Sculpted legs
Biggest Turns Offs: Being rude to or ignorant of other people.


When you’re not busy modeling what are you doing ?

I’m working my full-time job as a Physical Therapist Asst. My day usually starts with me stumbling into the bathroom at 5:30, brushing teeth, etc. From there I get my English Bulldog up try to get both of us fed before 6:30, when I have to leave to be at work for 7am. Five days a week! I typically work until 6pm and on some days I get out at 12 noon. I work in an outpatient orthopedic practice, so most of the patients are post-surgical or sports-related. After work I come home, play with the my pup and then go workout, eat dinner, stay up entirely too late and get up sleep deprived the next day at 5:30!


Tell us three thing’s you never leave home without

hand Sanitizer, lip gloss (I have hundreds, don’t know why) and sunglasses

What’s something you wish you were really good at and why ?

I wish I were really good a cooking, I took up Culinary in high school and *almost* pursued it for college…and yet to this day I’m still not very good. I set the fire alarm in the house off at least a couple times a month. And I’m terrible with the grill too…

What is the worst job you’ve ever had?

A customer care representative for a DSL internet company based in the mid-west. I was TERRIBLE at it and people were just horrid when they’d call in. I think it only lasted about 6 months before I was laid off because that office closed. I was 20. Best part was after being laid off I collected unemployment and made Dean’s List for the first time, since it was the first time in college I didn’t have a job or work at least 30 hrs a week.

What something no man should have in his wardrobe , and something every guy should have?

No man should wear sandals or flip-flops unless there is a pool or body of water nearby. I’m sorry, it’s vain and shallow but I don’t think I could be with a guy who wears flip-flops . Every guy should have a nice, dark-colored, fitted button-down shirt. It’s sexy as hell.

What’s the most unique way a guy has approached you

 It’s not unique, but it worked: The last guy to ask me on a first date was someone I worked with. He’d come by and see how I was or chat with me or go on my breaks with me for a couple months, was a genuine person, became my work-friend, THEN asked me out. He’s been unique and genuine and amazing ever since.


What’s one company / person you would love to model for in the future?

Fredericks or Victoria’s Secret – in a tropical, amazing location. Tahiti, maybe? Or even Sports Illustrated!! Their shoots are always somewhere heavenly! (and the shots are *hot as hell*)

3 Ways to tell if a guy is confident

A guy who walks in the room and isn’t looking all over the place to see who is checking him out. Someone who’s at ease with the people he’s with and even the staff, bartender, waitresses around. A guy who’s not over-selling himself with how he’s carrying himself or with his gestures.


What super hero is the hottest to you and why ?

Something about Spider man, the web-slinging, acrobatics… And that upside-down kissing scene was hot!!

Tell us what alcoholic drink is your weakness?

Margarita! Perfect mix of salty and sour, and tequila isn’t too strong of a taste.

What’s the first thing about a guy that catches your eyes

Eyes, smile. I truly believe the eyes are the window the soul and a smile that’s easy coming and vibrant can’t be ignored.



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