G-Spirits: Bare-Breasted Booze

The Germans have done it again! Although Germany is widely regarded as a mecca for beer, one German company has taken a page from Russia’s book to create a titillating vodka which is poured over the breasts of a naked glamor model before being bottled and sold at a premium to the public. While the idea of drinking booze off of the chest of most people (like Robin Williams or Rosie O’Donnell) is enough to make an alcoholic sober, G-Spirits has garnered a ton of attention because, as it turns out model boobs are two of the few things with nipples most people wouldn’t mind putting in their mouth.

The Spirit makers at G-Spirits assure consumers that each drop of their Vodka has run across the chest of Playmate Evelin Aubert and conform to the strict health and safety standards of food and consumer protection laws. If vodka’s not your thing you can always grab a bottle of G-Spirits’ single malt whisky which has been poured over the breasts of Playmate Alexa Varga or their spiced rum straight from the chest of Amina Malakona.

Each bottle retails for around $180 on G-Spirits’ website and comes numbered and signed by its respective model. To checkout the bottling process and get more info head over to their website, but be warned there are some boobs so the site is NSFW…Click!

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