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Rude Magazine Umami Burger

Rude Magazine Umami Burger

The Umami Burger, Adam Fleischman’s cross-cultural merger of Japanese ingenuity and American know-how.  I thought to myself, this is a man among burger men, worthy of our adulation even if he’s always wearing a T-shirt with an Umami Burger logo.  (These days even the greats can’t resist self-promotion.)


Fleischman, the founder of the modest but ever expanding four-shop Umami Burger chain, has rethought every element of the hamburger experience. The bun. The meat.  The ketchup.  The toppings.  Even valet parking.  Yes, at the original Umami Burger joint on La Brea, 900 square feet of utter simplicity,  across the road from a Goodwill store, every burger comes with parking.  The ultimate in West Coast customer service.


Fleischman’s savory Umami master sauce puts to shame other “secret sauces,” which tend to be orange goo.  His organic house made version of MSG might well carry the DNA for Umami (assuming you believe Umami exists).  His Umami-loaded ketchup tastes like a purer, fresher, tinglier clone of Heinz. He defines his discoveries as fulfilling a craving for “that which cannot be explained.”


His face belongs on the Mount Rushmore of the burger world.


Alan Richman

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