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Hashtag Article

Facebook’s most recent update ushered in the use of the hashtags. While hashtags have been around for years on other social networks the average Facebook user seems to be somewhat apprehensive about their application, after all everyone’s on Facebook but only celebrities and narcissists use Twitter (@JordanRUDEmag).

Hashtags are supposed to be a way for people with similar interests to have a common way to comment on, or learn about a certain topic; sort of like forums built into Facebook. If you watch TV you might notice that a lot of shows give viewers a particular hashtag to use so there is an established tag to use for people who want to talk about the episode currently airing.

So, for instance if you wanted to know what hashtags were for, and/or who was talking about them you could have said “What’s the point of a #hashtag?” then, by clicking you and others can see all of the talk about that topic; other people searching the same hashtag can see your question or comment (even if they aren’t your friend) and answer or reply.

sacklunchMany people have expressed some disdain over the recent addition. If you happen to be one of these people the reason you hate hashtags is probably because they’re new to Facebook, so people aren’t really sure how to use them correctly just yet, which results an an obnoxious stream of meaningless links and pound symbols. Just yesterday we saw someone talk about their lunch and tag each item they had (i.e. #ChocolateMilk, #Banana, #HamSandwich), which is fairly obnoxious. What they should have done, if they were excited about bringing their lunch to work (which is still kinda stupid, but instagram is full of food pics, so we won’t judge too much) was post something like; “Brought my #SackLunch to work today YEAYEA! #Childhood.”

Generally speaking hashtags are awesome because you can see what tags and topics are trending/popular; it’s a great way to get news (like finding out about the Boston Bombing when it happened) or to stay current and weigh-in on what people are talking about right now (like the Kardashian baby having a stupid name).

So in summation; don’t hate hashtags, hate your obnoxious friends!

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