HYT H1 Hydro Timepiece

There a few things the Swiss seem to do better than anyone else and while staying neutral and cramming a tool-box into your pocket are fairly impressive what they really do well is manufacture stylish, precision timepieces. As pompous and uppity as the word ‘Timepiece’ is it just doesn’t seem right to classify something as awesome as the HYT H1 as just a watch.

Coming in at about $45,000 this sweet chronograph tells time by with two pistons which push a fluorescent fluid around the circumference of the watch face to denote the hour, for accurate time the H1 has a miniature analogue minute hand towards the top of the its display. If pistons and a liquid which looks suspiciously like antifreeze weren’t enough the H1’s ‘Fancy Factor’ is further increased by it’s transparent back and need to be wound manually.

You may have noticed the gauge to the right of the minute hand, this indicates the H1’s 65 hour power reserve level. The H1 will be available in Black, Titanium, Pink-Gold and combination Black/Gold colorways, HYT has yet to announce the cost of its 18k gold models.

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