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How many artists / producers can count Jay Z, Snoop Dogg and Pharrell as fans, as well as drum and bass’ finest Andy C, Hype and Pendulum; enjoy heavy rotation in the hands of dub-step royalty such as N-Type and Skream; and have each release enthusiastically supported by Annie Mac and Zane Lowe? This is what Saul Milton and Will Kennard, producing under the name Chase & Status! We got the opportunity to catch up with them in Portland,OR as they finish up there US tour !

1. Having toured all over, currently on a United States tour, what has been your favorite place to perform & why?

In terms of the United States, it has to be Music Box in LA – the show was
electric, a real special moment and a fantastic experience. Coachella was
wicked too, big festival!

2. Let’s rewind back 10 years ago what where you doing?

May 2001, I would probably have been in our first studio, starting the
journey into making music.

3. Since you first started playing together, how has your music evolved & what do you credit it to?

I feel we’ve really developed as musicians and song writers, and technically as producers. I credit it to lots of hard work and interesting situations such as producing for Rihanna etc, we learned a lot from that too.

4. What song from any of your albums would you recommend for “getting it on” with that special person?

?Take You There? ft Digga off our first album ?More Than Alot?

5. Having worked with everyone from Cee-Lo Green to Tinie Tempah and Rihan na, who is the next artist you would love to jump in the studio with?

I’d love to work with Adele, Yelawolf, Stevie Wonder, but really we love working with brand new talent.

6. You can have any super power you want and possess it for a week BUT it cant be flying , invisibility or super strength what would it be ?

Being able to pause time, I’d pause the world and have a week off….

7. Any big shout outs to specific people who have helped you get to where you are today ?

Thanks to all involved with Chase & Status from the beginning, you know who you are…..

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