Lillon Charcoal Grill by Ikea

Ikea Lillon Grill BlackIkea Lillon Grill Turquoise

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could grill pork chops on a piggy-bank? If so – this is probably as close as you’re going to get, you may also be insane. Nevertheless our favorite subtitled store, Ikea has introduced a charcoal grill to their massive product line. As you might expect, the Lillon Charcoal grill is both innovative and affordable; at just $99 the Lillon’s standout feature its height versatility, by simply removing the leg extensions that make it a stand-alone unit users can quickly convert it into a table-top, camp-style grill.

To pick one up for yourself you can head over your nearest store or to, and if black isn’t your style Ikea stocks the same grill in turquoise, although you’ll have to be pretty fancy to pull that one off!

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