Featured Model: Chelsie Aryn Miller

This week we got some time with Chelsiearyn to talk about turn-ons, motorcycles and how to kiss a model. Chelsie is a 19 year model from Albany, NY with scads of sexy photos on her Facebook page and some solid opinions, so get ready to take some notes.

Name: Chelsie Aryn Miller
Location: Albany, NY
Facebook: Like Her

Most Unusual Turn On:

tattoos/piercings **snakebites take my breath away

Biggest Turns Offs :

when a guy buys you everything all the time.. i like being spoiled by affection not things..

When you’re not busy modeling what are you doing?

working the counter at Rob’s Cycle Supply in Syracuse, NY and i love it.. if you are in the area you should come visit me {directions at Robscyclesupply.com}

What’s something you wish you were really good at and why ?

Driving a Harley so i could get my own Harley Nightster flat black with no chrome so i don’t always have to ride bitch..

What is the worst job you’ve ever had?

I would have to go back to the days of being in high school and say babysitting.. i worked in a pizza shop for a summer when i was 16 (loved it) and then started modeling full time right out of high school.

What is something no man should have in his wardrobe ?

Light blue toe shoes and i dont care how comfy you think they are guys.. they are so not sexy in any color!

What’s the most unique way a guy has approached you

A drunk guy (first mistake) came up to me at a concert and asked me “So sexy what’s your sign?” i replied “jail bait” (white lie but i can pass for 17) he just looked at me dumb founded and i walked away.. lol

What’s one company / person you would love to model for in the future?

I have always wanted to be a Playboy Playmate since i was about 13.. i would love to do Sports Illustrated swim suit issue and shoot in a exotic location like tahiti

3 signs that your boyfriend might be a physco

1.) when he talks to you and gives you a list of 27 rules that you can not do.. oh wait im sorry he called them “GUIDELINES”

2.) when he grounds you to the apt and has his room mate “girlfriend sit” you to make sure you dont go out while he is at work.

3.) when he thinks a photo shoot means your having sex with the photographer

What super hero is the hottest to you and why ?

oh easy answer Batman..!! have you seen all the gadgets he has on his belt 😉

Read us the third from the last txt in your phone:

“We got some entertainment today lol, somebody’s goin to jail!!!!! “

Most embarrassing moment at a photo shoot tor industry related event

oh, tell you the details??! (deep breath) i did a music video shoot with two other female models we all had never met in person before but knew of one another since this was the ending project for a calendar we had all been a part of for over year.. leading up to this final project we all had to do interviews and one of the girls had been interviewed and asked “What girl would you most like want to kiss who is in this 2012-13 Cap City calendar?” her reply was “Chelsiearyn duh!” so the night of the video shoot during a hot scene in the video with a room full of mua’s at least 5 video/photographers and my mom the lovely model Jenna Rochelle grabbed me by my bra and kissed me long and full on the lips and then so did the sexy Laura LaFrate (ANTM) as we were all there really close Jenna whispers “I can’t believe I just kissed you in front of your mom” and the three of us just burst out in giggles as the whole room was silent and in shock over the “kiss” except for my mom who said “I knew that was going to happen” ..my mom is the coolest and yes, both girls are amazing kissers and none of us have seen the video yet!!

Any last shout out’s to people in the industry , friends or family ?

I would not be the “model” i am today if it wasn’t for the my parents, my teachers, my high school cheerleading coachs Amanda and Fran and the many people/friends of my little rural hometown who imprinted on me when i was just a shy little girl growing up.. as far as the people in the “modeling family” it would be EVERY single mua/hair stylest/photographer and client i have been blessed to work with that has transformed me into a bit of a outgoing, sexy, confident women that appears when i am in front of that lenses who sometimes hangs out even when the make up is wiped off and the camera has been put away..






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This has been a fun interview thank you Corey and Rude Magazine!  ~chelsiearyn xo

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