Rugbeer Vending Machine

Tired of waiting at the bar for a beer, when you know you’re the strongest, most jacked-up tough guy in the damn place? Well, step away from that inattentive bartender, insert some money in the “Rugbeer” vending machine and make that thing your bitch.

Argentinian brewing company Cerveza Salta has created a vending machine dubbed ‘The Rugbeer.’ Want a beer? You’re going to have to work for it by tackling the side of this machine with enough force to overcome the “Pussy Meter” and receive your payout. This is a great way to unleash your pent-up rage and hostility developed over years of encounters with the vending machine at the office and get a beer in the process. Checkout the video above to get a better idea just what it’ll take to grab a cold one.

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