Sunday Dump: 12/23

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TSJ-Jordan Carver is Yours for the Unwrapping


We don’t need to say much more than that, do we? Jordan Carver, Austrian busenstar, dressed up in pretty red Christmassy lingerie for your enjoyment. However, seeing as there’s more going on in Jordan’s life we ought to just clue you in on a couple of things. For instance, Jordan has a calendar that is every bit as, you know, hwaaah! as you would expect. Just look at this brief video from the calendar shoot:


The Coolist- Sky walking From Russia 

If you suffer from vertigo, you might want to consider hitting your browser’s back button…  This stunning, scary collection of “Skywalking Photography” shows a duo of daredevils high above their native Russian soil.  They scale construction cranes, church steeples, radio towers, skyscrapers and more, inserting themselves in these unique portraits.  These images are not only daring in production, they’re photographically artful in execution.  This is more than just the work of two daring individuals, it is the work of two gifted photographers who will conquer just bout any fear to get the perfect shot.


Ask Men-Holiday Booze Guide

Is there a better time of year to get drunk than the holiday season? We’re not talking about drunk like the rest of the year, when you spend yet another regretful night out till closing time with the guys, but drunk with refinement and sophistication. This Christmas, toast to health and happiness in style and not with a bottle of malt liquor in hand.


Four Pins- Fashions Most Overrated 

Menswear and men’s fashion (that’s finally the same shit, right?) inched further into the mainstream in 2012, and even though not caring about fashion is the new caring about fashion, some shit was pervasive enough even to seep into the otherwise endless stream of cats and poetry that is my Tumblr dash. But before you get your meggings in a bunch, remember that overrated doesn’t necessarily mean bad, just that the perceived value of a thing is inflated compared to the actual value


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