Sunday Dump: 1/27

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TSJ: 7 Obnoxious Characters From Other Wise Fantastic Movies


Personally, we at The Smoking Jacket don’t harbor too much hate for Short Round. While he seemed like a somewhat out-of-place sidekick for an Indiana Jones movie, it’s hard to argue he was anything other than the perfect Goonie.Unfortunately, such is not the case for far too many movie characters that, unlike Short Round, don’t really have any redeeming qualities even if you change the scenery. We’re talking about annoying characters that don’t really belong in films of any kind, never mind some of the most entertaining movies of all time.


Maxim: Sweethearts in Sweatshirts 



Crave Online: Lazyman’s Guide to Creating an Extremely Popular Video Game

Hey, you, over there! D’you wanna make a video game series so successful that you’re branded “the cancer that is killing the gaming industry” by some bloke on an internet forum with an obscure JRPG character as his profile picture?


Lifed: 10 burgers to die for literally 

Those on a diet, or those of you who simply want to live past 70-or-so years of age, should—like you would one of those Most Wanted thugs posters—take keen notice of these one-of-a-kind, criminally-unhealthy burgers.

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