Sunday Dump 12/16

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The Smoking Jacket – Spend 2013 with …

Rosewood Cutters is a barbershop established in 1954 in Bellflower, California, but it’s much more than that — they’ve got their own line of apparel and through a pretty cool website they keep track of fashion trends and limited-edition swag. Their products and picks reflect a mix of urban L.A. style, skateboarding culture, and a clear yearning to be in Brooklyn. Rosewood Cutters now has a second location in Buena Park, as well as a calendar full of sexy import models in bikinis.

ASK Men – Dress Your Body Type

While we could say that the dimensions of a wide-screen TV are perhaps the most important manifestation of math yet, it is also said to govern our perception of attractiveness in the human form. Your face (the ratio of length to width), upper body (the ratio of shoulder width to the waist) and arms (the ratio of the upper arm to the forearm and hand) should all match up with this magic number.

That is, of course, if you’re sculpted from marble at the hands of Michelangelo or happen to be Hugh Jackman. For the rest of us, our proportions come pretty close but rarely hit the target. So what’s a guy to do when he doesn’t quite measure up.

Moments That Restored Our Faith In Humanity

There are a lot of idiots and jerks out there and there’s even more people with fewer brains than friends. Sometimes you need a reminder that people can do wonderful things.

Maxim – Home Town Hotties Gift Guide

We asked our 2013 Hometown Hottie semi-finalists what they wanted for the holidays. Here’s what they had to say…

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