Sunday Dump 12/02

Every Sunday RUDE Magazine grabs the week’s best posts and articles from our favorite sites around the web; Featuring sexy women, booze, funny videos and the latest in manly gadgetry all in one place for your reading enjoyment. Think we missed something that should be in our next Sunday dump? Fill out our submission form and let us know! – Jessenia Vice’s Gangnam Style Pantie Dance


Somewhere in middle, although much, much closer to awesome than stupid, is a clip of an extremely hot girl dancing in her underwear to “Gangnam Style.” And that’s what we have for you today. This is Jessenia Vice — model, TV personality, and recording artist — in her underwear dancing like a Korean rapper. It is awesome because Jessenia is awesome. – Green Cars We’re  Excited To Drive

Halfway into our lost decade, and four years after the Detroit bailout, we’re all getting a bit sick of sensible cars. The Hummers and the Hemis are long gone, and we’re at peace with that. They belonged to that other, pre-2008 world, and we know that we’re probably better off without them. But the parade of practical, economical and thoroughly reasonable cars that has followed — the Hyundai Genesis (2009 Car of the Year), the Ford Fusion (2010 Car of the Year), the Chevrolet Volt (2011 Car of the Year) — has left us feeling a bit dry in the mouth. Like we ate too many Triscuits. – Surviving Your Company’s Holiday Party

This is the company holiday party. As a person who has walked both past and into an office building, I am uniquely qualified to tell you how to survive one of these. So minimize Outlook, forward your calls to reception and let’s get to it! – Why Guys Are The New Girls 

We used to live in an XX/XY world, there was a binary code of conduct and boys didn’t cry about it. They also didn’t grow heirloom tomatoes, they didn’t covet raw, selvedge denim, they didn’t sculpt their abs and wax their pubes and they didn’t wear their hearts on their sleeves unless they were Purple and issued by the US Military. In 2012, things are a little softer.

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