The Summer Cure For What ‘Ales’ You

     With summer just around the corner brewing companies have started to roll out their Summer ales. Summer is a universal symbol of both relaxation and celebration and while a 12 pack sampler is an awesome way of tasting the best of what a company has to offer sometimes an ice-cold beer, handcrafted for summer takes the cake. Whether we’ve seen them before or it’s their first year in stores we’re excited to get a taste of what summer brings with it.

Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat Ale:
One of the few summer ales available in a variety pack in addition to 6-packs. Regular drinkers of Blue Moon will still be getting that familiar orange zest taste they love with the addition of California clover honey. We’ve seen this one on store shelves about this time for years and there’s a good reason; it’s delicious. The alcohol content is a bit higher than our other summer ales coming in at 5.4% making it a great beer to relax with in the sun.

New Castle Summer Ale:
New on shelves this year Heineken International brings New Castle drinkers something to look forward to this summer. On shelves through July this beer has a limited run and will be sold in 6 and 12-packs. With a 4.4% alcohol content and a crisp citrus aroma we can only hope for another run next year.

Leinenkugel Summer Shandy:
A light refreshing summer beer with a lemonade twist and a touch of honey. While the name is both tough and fun to pronounce we recommend putting this one on the shopping list because you probably won’t remember the name until you try it and you don’t want to be caught pretending to speak German to the guy stocking the cooler. With 4.2% alcohol the Summer Shandy is great for the hot weather and a six-pack will go pretty quick because even people who don’t drink beer love it.

Woodchuck Hard Summer:
Possibly the one we’re most excited about, Woodchuck has been popping up everywhere for their fantastic ciders. Likely to be another great choice for even those who “don’t really do beer” Woodchuck’s Hard Summer Cider promises a slight tartness followed by a mouthful of blueberries. With a 5% Alcohol content this one will be great to share with your friends or drink throughout a hot summer day.

Sam Adams Summer Styles:
If you’re intent on sticking with a sampler in order to try the best of what a company has to offer we recommend picking up the Summer Styles sampler. Including their own Summer Ale this Sam Adams sampler promises a 6 different brews especially chosen for the summer months.

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