1 Man, 151 World Records

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 Longest Continuous Distance Somersaulting

Date Broken: April 1986
Distance: 12 miles 390 yards

On Ashrita’s website he says this was the hardest record he had ever attempted, you’re allowed 5 minutes rest after each hour of rolling. The unofficial rule is that you must roll continuously, but you are permitted brief stops to throw up. He explained that after breaking the jumping jack record in 1979 he noticed the somersault record was listed directly underneath in the gymnastics section and thought  “it would be cool to have 2 records right next to each other.”After attempting several rolls the excitement of breaking this record quickly diminished and he gave up on it.

He says giving up on the record bothered him for several weeks so he attempted to practice under the cover of night so that neighbors would’t think he was crazy. After months of practicing Ashrita broke the previous record of 8 miles by an astonishing 2 extra miles then returned several years later to shatter his previous record by rolling 12.25 miles along the length of Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride in Massachusetts.

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