5 Hybrids To Help You Go HAM!

With the spike in summer gas prices the thought of a hybrid or electric car has (at least briefly) entered all of our minds. Getting the most bang for your buck is awesome but riding around in a car shaped like a sunflower seed isn’t worth the bump in MPG’s so we’ve found 5 of the coolest cars to help you avoid the pumps while still making you eligible for a second date.



Car: Fisker Karma
Base price: $96,000
Range: 250 Miles

Three years and a billion investment dollars later The Fisker Karma is finally ready to rock as a stunning production car, all in less time (and for far less money) than GM needed to produce the Chevy Volt. Like the Nissan Leaf, the Karma is always electrically driven; the gasoline engine powers only the generator with a 235 HP GM engine up front powering the two AC motors in the back making 402 HP and 951 lb-ft of torqu of instant speed ! This car really jumped into the spotlight this year on March 1st when Justin Beiber received one from his birthday and later fully chromed it out. This car tops our list of cars to go HAM in for this reason not to mention the fact that is undoubtedly the face of hybrid super car’s




Car: Tesla Model S
Base Price: $49,000
Estimated Range: 160-300

Tesla Model S is a high-performance, premium electric sedan that intends to compete with cars such as the BMW 5-series. With 416 HP and 443lbs of Torque there is no reason it wont be running laps around the competing hybrids. This model follows Tesla Motors’ business plan to expand down-market from the high performance Tesla Roadster sports car. The Model S was styled by Franz Von Holzhausen, who previously worked for Mazda’s North American Operation. With the extra 5.3-cubic-foot stowage area, which Tesla calls the “frunk.” its easy to see why we put this on the list of cars to go HAM in.



Car: Lexus GS 450
Base: $59,500
MPG: 32City / 28 Highway

While V-8’s and luxury sedans are a vintage union, there’s been a divorce with the new GS. Further evidence of the auto industry’s pervasive powertrain downsizing trend, the new, 338-horsepower GS 450h has replaced the V-8-powered, 342-hp GS 460 a quality that didn’t feel like a priority on the previous gen car. Hybridized, luxurious, and genuinely sporty, how many vehicles today fit that bill? Though more expensive than the previous Lexus on our list it does pack more of a punch and brings you the luxury you would expect from a Lexus. The best thing about this hybrid is the fact that it shows no real sign of actually coming from a hybrid family witch is why we put it as number 3 on our list.



Car: 2013 Ford Fusion
MPG: 47City / 44Highway

Featuring a sleek silhouette and fresh face, the all-new Fusion is the latest in a series of vehicles from Ford, with a front end that holds the aggressive look of the Mitsubishi Evo and the rounded back end of  other, similar luxury cars Ford captures it all. With higher end versions of this car hitting 237hp with Ford’s EcoBoost 2.0 liter the fusion can hold its own against some of the cars on this list for its price. All and all it’s still a Ford but for the price it still has a sleek look and the ability to go HAM on the way to soccer practice.


Base Price: Lexus CT 200H
Base Price: $33,000 – $40,000
MPG :42city, 41highway.
Over the past twenty years, Lexus has redefined what Americans expect in a luxury car but now they’re introducing a small five-door hybrid hatchback that prioritizes efficiency over luxury. Have the staff at Lexus flipped their lids, or have they stumbled on to the next big thing? With relatively sporty handling and 134 horse horsepower you couldn’t ask for more in this 5 door hatchback as a family vehicle. At a base price around 30k this is the least expensive vehicle in the Lexus family with the added bonus of the Lexus prestige without the high price tag this car snatches up the last spot on our list of HAMmobiles.

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