Video Game High School: Season Finale

For the gamer, movie buff, YouTube junkie, and nerd in us all Video Game High School scratches the itch of lacking content summer brings with it. Video Game High School is set in a world where the love of video games is a global phenomenon and people aspire to be accepted to VGHS to perfect their gaming abilities and rise to the top of their respective game genres for a high-paying career with as much notoriety as a Kardashian (but with talent).

If you frequent YouTube there’s a solid possibility you know Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch from their YouTube channel freddiew where they create awesome Live-Action adaptions of the video games, commercials and pop-culture memes, you may also know about 5-Second Films, Epic Meal Time, and the plethora of other channels involved in the making of this awesome web series. Funded by a whopping 5,661 contributors on Kickstarter, VGHS raised over a quarter of a million dollars nearly quadrupling their original goal.

If you’ve been in the loop there’s a good chance you’re eager and waiting for the finale which we’ve got for you in the video below, otherwise you’ll definitely want to head over to Rocket Jump and get started on the first episode. Either way we definitely recommend spending the rest of your day checking out “a show about best friends, first loves, and finding that perfect head shot.”


 – Rude Magazine – @JordanRUDEmag

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