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Something like the Call of Duty series (which has been putting the same game in a new box for 5 years now)  Halo has an unfortunate history of beating a dead horse with few improvement to graphics or game mechanics giving players a weak set of maps and little else to be excited about but Halo 4 looks to give gamers hope.

With Halo’s previous developers Bungie passing the torch to 343 Industries and the increased expectations of gamers who have experienced FPS games like Battlefield 3 and Ghost Recon, Halo 4 looks to be a viable answer to a long awaited continuation of the fantastic storyline Halo Players initially fell in love with. With the the previews we’ve seen so far it looks as if Halo has been completely overhauled and vastly improved. Here’s an overview of the awesomeness we can expect.

Many people have been waiting for the triumphant return of Master Chief and finally the wait is drawing to a close. This November game developer 343 Industries will release Halo 4 and immerse players in a new, exciting story Halo players have never seen the likes of before. Playing as our beloved hero you will take Master Chief along with his trusty AI Cortana on an action-packed adventure in the new campaign, facing a brand new threat.

The Prometheans

Built by the Forerunners as a sort of ancient defense mechanism the Prometheans only rise when called upon to protect certain things. We don’t know what they’re trying to protect but we do know they’re here. So far we have only seen three types of them: Crawlers, Watchers, and Knights.

Crawlers: Dog-like enemies that are easy to kill but appear in large numbers, their speed is deadly.
Watchers: Security drones that provide support-fire but and protect Prometheans from incoming grenades by catching them and hurling them back towards you.
Knights: Similar to the Elites of the Covenant. They carry shields and various weapons but also have the ability to teleport anywhere.

Along with these new enemies come new challenges and ways to play, in addition to new abilities and a new line of weaponry. We’ve only seen 2 of the new Promethean weapons in teaser trailers so far: One of them a single shot rifle and the the other is some sort of scatter-shot weapon with shells that are able to bounce and ricochet into enemies.

With Halo 4 you can count on the introduction of new multiplayer modes as well. Modes like Infinity Slayer and Regicide will give you a whole new way to experience a Halo multiplayer battle.

New Multiplayer Modes

Infinity Slayer: You will build points during a match and use those points to call in special ordnance, power-ups, and weapons.
Regicide: One player is the “king” and racks up their bounty by getting kills. This bounty raises how many points other players will get for assassinating the king.

The multiplayer will also have a new customizable load-out which allows you to change your weapons and armor abilities mid-game, enabling you to switch up your strategy on the fly.

For die-hard Halo fans Halo Waypoint will also see a plethora of new content.

New Content

Spartan Ops: Every week a new episode will be released following the lives of the Spartans of  the “Majestic Squad” aboard the UNSC Infinity. This is a completely different story line from Halo 4 which will give players a chance to bond with new characters for deeper immersion in the Halo Universe.

Accompanying these weekly episodes will be 5 new missions to continue the story and expand the world of Halo keeping players busy with fresh content. Spartan Ops is said to add about 5 hours of game-play every month. Unlike it’s FPS counterparts Halo’s DLC will be completely free.

Halo 4 hits store shelves on tomorrow, November 6th. If you can’t wait until Christmas to find your copy under the tree it’s never too late to head on over to Gamestop and put your pre-order in now, or if you’re not the midnight release type but you still have to have it we’ve got the links to both the Standard and the Collector’s edition on Amazon above.

Both Gamestop and Amazon offer an exclusive armor skin as a pre-order incentive, like you needed another reason to take home Halo 4.

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