Nintendo Wii U Hands On

This week RUDE Magazine took a trip to PAX to get a good look at what was new in the expansive world of nerd. With everything from tabletop and trading card games to video games and gadgets on display we didn’t know where to start but, before we could figure out how to work a map we fell into a few Wii U demos.

While the Wii U is an immense upgrade from the Wii it seems that the Wii U will may not live up to other ‘Next Gen’ (or even the current gen) systems in terms of graphics or performance.

Undoubtedly the Wii U’s selling point, like the original Wii is its innovative controller. Unlike the Wii’s controller however the Wii U puts a new age spin on the old classic paddle controller by slapping a 6.2″ touchscreen in the middle.

While we’re all for adding a screen to everything from coffee makers to the shower the addition of a screen on a controller left us with a large, heavy that was cumbersome and distracting, not to mention the awkward button placement on the Wii U’s shoulders and right side (Additionally the ‘X’ button appears on this controller in yet a different position than the Xbox and PS3 controller’s ‘X’ buttons which made screen prompts more than a little confusing).

Fortunately it looks like the big-fat game-pad won’t be the only option for the Wii U, the system will allow users to use their old Wii Controllers as well as a more traditional controller strangely reminiscent of the Xbox’s controller.

As for games the Wii U, unlike it’s predecessor looks as if it will offer some solid (non-Nintendo) titles that people will actually want to play, finally including playable editions of “multi-platform games” as well as some cool stand-alone titles such as Zombie U

On September 13th Nintendo will release more details a the Wii U event in New York, including its release date.

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