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Last month we learned about OUYA, the hackable, Android-based gaming console. Since our article OUYA has completed its Kickstarter campaign with monumental success. With an initial goal of, what seemed to be an ambitious $950 thousand OUYA has better than octupled that number at the close of their campaign (Today at 1 AM) resulting in a final funding of about $8.6 million from 63,416 backers!

Those who were eager enough to pony-up the cash for developer editions of the console will likely be playing with their new toys by Christmas while other backers will have to wait until March of 2013. If you missed your opportunity you may have to wait a bit longer but the rumor is that OUYA will be taking online pre-orders very soon!

Whether or not OUYA will revolutionize the gaming industry remains to be seen. While the system doesn’t seem to be targeting ‘hard-core gamers’ with astounding graphics or state-of-the-art game mechanics we expect to see some awesome and diverse titles beyond simple flash-style games.

Despite the OUYA’s comparatively small price-point the tiny console may just be able to keep-up with the ‘Big 3’ having acquired a mess of partnerships already from companies as large as Square Enix, Namco and XBMC right down to the indie developers that have been going crazy over the system’s potential from the beginning.

Here are the first two updates from OUYA as of the end of their Kickstarter Campaign this morning!

Update (1:15AM): Despite the timer hitting zero, it appears that pledges are still being accepted past the 1AM deadline — better be quick! We’ll be sure to update the numbers again as soon pledging is officially halted.

Update 2 (7:30AM): It took a bit of time, but OUYA’s Kickstarter is officially not accepting any more pledges. The final numbers? 63,416 backers helped to raise a final sum of $8,596,475.

via: Engadget

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