Featured Model: Abby Parece

Name: Abby Parece
Location: Rhode Island, USA
Facebook: Here AND Here

Most Unusual Turn On: A handyman
Biggest Turns Offs : Arrogance


When you’re not busy modeling what are you doing ?

A average day with me consists of first going to the gym or for a walk. Then I normally hit up the shake store where I get a nutritional shake. Mid afternoon I’ll do some work on the computer for modeling job/networking. Then around 5 I start dinner. I end my day on the couch watching a good movie.


Tell us three thing’s you never leave home without:

My lipgloss! I have to have it with me at ALL times. Even if i’m not wearing make up that day if I wear  just that it somehow makes me feel “pretty”


What’s something you wish you were really good at and why ?

I wish I was better at playing chess. I played against a 5yr old and he beat me. Talk about embarrassing.


Do you have a crush on someone in your industry? If so who is he?

Zac Effron. He’s just so sexy :)


What is the worst job you’ve ever had?

I was 22yrs old and I was a CNA. To sum it up that consists of changing adult diapers all day long and getting physically abused. I had enough of getting spit on, hit etc. I lasted a good year. I have a deep respect for people that work in that field. It’s no joke and it’s physically and mentally demanding.


What something no man should have in his wardrobe , and something every guy should have.

No guy should EVER I repeat EVER have anything PINK! Sorry guys but pink is a feminine color and I like my men very masculine. And most of all no guy should ever have a pink sweater. Like I know the guys that do are trying to be stylish but it also makes it look like their trying a bit too hard.


What’s the most unique way a guy has approached you

I was running errands and was leaving a store and there was this guy outside that I suppose I must have caught his eye. Anyways I had more errands to do that day and he followed me to the next store I had to go to! He approached me and introduced himself  then he says I’m the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen. After this he asks me on a date. I quickly turned it down because I saw him at the last store I was at! This unusual, unique way to approach me didn’t work in his favor because I felt like I was being stalked. Very sketchy


What’s one company / person you would love to model for in the future?

PLAYBOY! I love everything Playboy represents and always have wanted to be apart of that. My dream is to be a Playboy Playmate.

What super hero is the hottest to you and why ?

Poison Ivy, but wait she’s not really a super hero she’s more like a sexy villain. I love her red hair


Tell us what alcoholic drink is your weakness

I’m a beer type of girl. I love Sierra Nevada in the spring and summer and Shipyard in the winter.


Most embarrassing moment at a photo shoot tor industry related event

Everyone that knows me knows I suck at walking in high heels. Well at a shoot I was at I was walking with EXTREMELY HIGH heels on and fell right on my face in front of a bunch of other models. It must have looked like I was drinking early that day or something but that wasn’t the case.


What’s the first thing about a guy that catches your eyes

His smile. A nice smile goes along way.


What signals do you give to a man when you want him to make the first move?

I don’t really give “signals” If I want something I normally just go get it. I don’t wait around


Any last shout out’s to people in the industry , friends or family ?

I want to give a shout out to my friend Vicky Lee! She always gives me good advice about the industry and is a great friend. XX


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