Featured Model Ashley Alexiss


Name:  Ashley Alexiss
Age: 21
Location:  Boston, MA
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Most unusual turn on: I like my feet touched, not in a fetish way either! lol
Biggest turn offs: EGO

What are 4 Essentials you have to have on you at all times excluding wallet and phone

1. Business cards

2. every credit card I won ?

3. Lipgloss

4. My Grandfather’s photo (which is usually in my wallet) but I consider him one of my goodluck charms <3

When your not modeling what are you busy doing ?

Catching up on sleep! lol I feel like it doesn’t even exist anymore


What’s the worst job you’ve ever done:

Probably waitress because all I want to do is eat the food lol

What should no woman have in her wardrobe:.

LEGGINGS. Ugh, I absolutely hate them! Especially when women think it’s okay to use them as pants!

Read us the third from last txt in your phone:

“I heart the patsss way more now.” ?


What’s the ideal date for you:

Anything that involves me getting to see penguins :)

Favorite bar and drink order:

Amaretto sour!

What’s the worst way a guy can approach you at a bar ?

“Hey you have nice t!ts!” Way to be blunt & to the point but really? lol

Any last shoutouts to people who have helped you along the way ?

STEWART SMITH, My Momma, all my incredible friends [2 of my best, Brit & Lauren :)] I’m currently making lasting relationships with some great companies I’m currently representing, Cintron Liquid Energy, Poker Centerfolds, ColorMepro, to name a few.


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