Featured Model: Nicole Mintiens


Name: Nicole Mintiens
Location: Bend, OR
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Most Unusual Turn On: Pay-Per-Click Geek Speak
Biggest Turns Offs: Poor taste in music, Ignorance, Animal abuse


When you’re not busy modeling what are you doing?

I take care of my two Cairn Terriers in the morning then ride my bike to work unless it’s freezing in which case I drive. First thing I do when I get to my desk is feed my fish, Master Beta, then for the next eight hours I flex my online advertising muscles in the search engine marketing realm. After work I hit the gym and workout my other muscles. If not shooting on the weekends I seek adventure in the surrounding mountains of Central Oregon. Super stoked about snowboarding season this year.


Tell us three things you never leave home without ?

I always bring my gym bag stocked with anything I might need before, after or during my workouts, healthy snacks (I love food and eat frequently), and three dice (never know when a game of Cee-lo might break out).

What’s something you wish you were really good at and why?

I’ve been learning aerial silk and want to become an expert at it. Currently I’m working on my grip, upper body strength and flexibility in order to improve my overall skill and acrobatic ability. It’s an incredibly beautiful art and even more challenging skill.


What is the worst job you’ve ever had?

When I was in my early 20’s living in Orlando I was an administrative assistant for a transportation insurance company while I worked toward my business degree. I worked with lovely people but the job was so repetitive, stale, corporate and unchallenging that I wanted to take a letter opener to my rib cage every day I woke up realizing I had to go to work that day. It felt like I was in the movie “Groundhogs Day” until I decided to move back to Oregon.


What’s something no man should have in his wardrobe and something every guy should have?

Every guy should own a peacoat since it’s versatile, stylish and practical (and super sexy). No man should ever wear corduroy in any color unless he happens to be a bear, in overalls.

What’s the most unique way a guy has approached you?

Sadly, no unique stories come to mind. I’ve been told I tend to intimidate most guys (not counting sloppy drunkards) so in most cases I’ve been the one to make the first approach. Come on guys! Sack up.


What is one company/person you would love to model for in the future?

My ideal job would be to work as a representative for a travel company. I’d love to explore all parts of the world and experience hidden gems and treasures around the globe. Currently, my dream destination for a shoot would be Vietnam for the beauty of the people, amazing landscape, rich culture and tantalizing food. It would be even more supreme if I I could convince photographer Kyle Goldie to tag along to capture unique swimwear and editorial shots in exotic locations.


Give us 3 tv shows that represent your personality

I don’t really watch TV but I’ve been trying to reintroduce myself to pop culture via Netflix after realizing I miss out on about 75% of coworkers’ jokes. My adventurous nature and love of food would best be seen in Anthony Bourdain in No Reservations, my awkwardness would be portrayed by an amalgamation of all the characters on The Office, while my quirkiness, sarcasm and relationship troubles would best be attributed to shows like Strange Sex and/or My Strange Addiction.


What super hero is the hottest to you and why ?

My vote for hottest super hero is PPC Hero (Twitter @PPCHero). With his orange full body suit, green underwear and suave black hair he helps save search engine marketers from slipping into the perils of poor marketing. I regularly read advice from his blog in regards to many of the best practices within my industry. He’s the only super hero that has provided any sort of influence in my life. #NerdAlert


Tell us what alcoholic drink is your weakness

I’m a sucker for most microbrews that come out of Central Oregon. In regards to hard alcohol (and to save calories) I love vodka especially now that I’m a spokesmodel for Cold Steel Vodka. What isn’t to love about vodka? It mixes easily with most anything although I prefer mine with regular water enhanced by few lemons.


Most embarrassing moment at a photo shoot or industry related event:

Fortunately, nothing specific comes to mind when I think of a most embarrassing moment. I did have a moment of conflicting self-reflection when sporting a winning dress immaculately designed out of Pabst Blue Ribbon cans and boxes for a PBR Art contest and taking photos with small children eager to be featured with the “PBR Girl”.

We caught you on CBS’s Lets Make a Deal. Did you win?

I had never even seen the show when I was offered tickets to attend while on vacation. The experience was surreal and I still can’t believe I was chosen, let alone made the right choices to end up in “The Big Deal”. My terrible karma over the years finally made up for itself and allowed me to choose the right door and win a 2012 Mitsubishi Outlander. I even got to give Wayne Brady a sweaty hug (I tend to sweat when nervous. #SEXY).


Any last shout out’s to people in the industry, friends or family?

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