Featured Model: Ashley Alexiss

For this weeks featured model we hit up February’s Play Boys Miss Social  Ashley Alexis who is full time student full time model and part time bad ass from Boston Massachusetts.Check out what she had to say in our interview to find out more about her!

AshleyAlexisRUDEmagazineName:  Ashley Alexiss

Age: 21
Location:  Boston, MA

Most unusual turn on: I like my feet touched, not in a fetish way either! lol
Biggest turn offs: EGO

What are 4 Essentials you have to have on you at all times excluding wallet and phone

1. Business cards

2. every credit card I won 😛

3. Lipgloss

4. My Grandfather’s photo (which is usually in my wallet) but I consider him one of my goodluck charms <3

Ashley AlexisRUDEmagazine1When your not modeling what are you busy doing ?

Catching up on sleep! lol I feel like it doesn’t even exist anymore

What’s the worst job you’ve ever done:

Probably waitress because all I want to do is eat the food lol

What should no woman have in her wardrobe:.

LEGGINGS. Ugh, I absolutely hate them! Especially when women think it’s okay to use them as pants!

AshleyAlexisRUDEmagazine1Read us the third from last txt in your phone:

“I heart the patsss way more now.” 😉

What’s the ideal date for you:

Anything that involves me getting to see penguins :)

Favorite bar and drink order:

Amaretto sour!

What’s the worst way a guy can approach you at a bar ?

“Hey you have nice t!ts!” Way to be blunt & to the point but really? lol

Any last shoutouts to people who have helped you along the way ?

STEWART SMITH, My Momma, all my incredible friends [2 of my best, Brit & Lauren :)] I’m currently making lasting relationships with some great companies I’m currently representing, Cintron Liquid Energy, Poker Centerfolds, ColorMepro, to name a few.





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  1. Kajoo

    February 12, 2012 at 9:19 PM

    i love you Ashley Alexiss

  2. Stewart Smith Photography

    February 13, 2012 at 12:41 AM

    I would just like to tell the world that Ashley is one of the nicest, sweetest, hardest working and professional people I have met in this industry….

    At the ripe old age of 21… She has done alot more than most models I have worked with that are 28 and in the industry for years..

    Ashley is very grounded… Always willing to share the spotlight ( I wish more models were like her )… Ashley knows what team work is all about… You cannot make it on your own.. There is strength in numbers and she has gravitated to those who believe in her and only want to see the best happen.

    What ever happens to Ashley… She deserves it!! She has earned it!!

    Way to go Ashley!! You always have my love and support!! I value our friendship both professionally and personally!!

    : ),

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