Model Selina Xiong

Salino Xiong Get Rude MagazineW

We found this beautiful girl in Wisconsin!  We didn’t know much about her besides the fact that she loves drifting, dancing and had some pretty good skills behind the mic !

So we decided to give her a feature; ask her some questions and find out a little more about Selina Xiong !


Selina Xiong

Home Town:

La Crosse, Wisconsin
What is one feature you wish you had more of?

My waist. I want a smaller waist for better featuring curves.

Aside from modeling what else do you like to do?

I love to rap, dance, write, eat, sleep & take long walks…

You have a lot of tattoo’s tell us which one you dislike the most and why ?

The one I super dislike is the one down on my lower back on the left. It’s a tattoo an old childhood friend & I designed together to show our friendship. We’ve been friends for about since we were 6! We were getting our first tattoos of our names & also getting the one for our friendship. I ended up getting both, and she didn’t b/c she said her first tattoo hurted. So we decided to wait for a while to do so. And just about in the year 2009, she got married & invited the whole town. Kinda funny how her very own best friend/sister who’s been there for here, wasn’t even invited. Yes, i showed up uninvitedly. We talk now here & there, but not like how we use to. I’m still covering it up no matter how strong our friendship was.

Your a pretty girl so we know guy’s holler at you everyday tell us the
most usual way a guy has ever tried to hit on you ?

Well I work at the front desk. Guys come in left to right! Before I create their reservations, I have to ask for their number first. They would usually go, “That’s for your phone right?” or “Yes, & can I have yours?” Lol

Most unusual turn off you have ?

The biggest turn off is a guy who does drugs, gang-bangs, doesn’t have his head straight, big-talker & not a walker, bad hygiene, & a guy who swears every second of his life.

You get to have one super power and it cant be flying ,invisibility or

Selina Xiong Rude Magazine 4

Selina Xiong Rude Magazine 4

super strength what would it be?

As of now, I say FLY. So no more wasting gas for how much it is now!

Your in a rush to leave your house for the biggest meeting of your life , you have time to do
only one thing… What is it ?

Tell my parents and; family I love them and hug them.

So you our obviously a pretty successful up and coming model , tell us

when you first knew that you wanted this as a career choice ?

I really didn’t think I was fit for modeling. I was too much of a tomboy to even think of modeling. After I started dancing, I got into it. Let’s just say I was the stiffest person when I did my first photoshoot. LOL.

What do you have in store for us in the future ??

More features, dance videos, new photo shoots, more traveling… Even getting a “GET RUDE” shirt :)

Selina Xiong Rude Magazine 1

Selina Xiong Rude Magazine 1

Selina Xiong Rude Magazine 2

Selina Xiong Rude Magazine 2


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