3 Ice-Cold Drinking Accessories

Whether you’re a high-class connoisseur or a college party monster you can probably agree that drinking is about more than just booze, accessories can easily enhance you drinking experience. From beer-bongs to decanters there’s always an accessory for you.

Glacier Rock Whiskey Stones
Price: $12/6 Stones

If watered down whiskey is your reason for avoiding ice these whiskey stones are a great way to chill your beverage without affecting the flavor. Because this 6-piece glacier rock set is made of a soapstone you’ll be able to chill your drink to optimal drinking temperatures without scratching your glassware. While an ice-cold beverage seems appealing a discerning alcohol critic will tell you that a drop in temperature means the natural flavors of a drink shut down. With whiskey stones you can add as many as you need to get your drink from ice-cold to just below room temperature depending on your preference.


Ice Shot Glasses
Price: $8/4 Molds

If you’re just taking shots with some friends a little water in your whiskey might not be an issue but a cold drink is still worth its weight in gold. While warm shots seem like they’re inevitable you may just be in luck with these Cool Shooters Shot Glass Molds. These Molds will run you $8 for 4 molds so we’d recommend stocking-up for your next party!




Ice-Cone Beverage Dispenser
Price: $20

If you’re serving a large amount of an at-home mixed drink the Buddeez 3.5 gallon beverage dispenser is the way to go. With a removable cone that can be filled with ice you’ll keep all 3.5 gallons of your famous party-punch as cold as ice. For just $20 you get all this with a non-skid base, and a spout to dispense your drink into plastic cups or fine crystal depending on your party guests.


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