6 Real Beers Inspired by TV

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Despite the mainstream popularity that beer brands like Budweiser and Coors have maintained for years, beer-drinkers today have moved away from the canned-swill of fraternities and heavy drinkers to hand-crafted, limited-run micro-brews with interesting, unique, and distinct flavors. Now that there’s a place for the little guy in the beer game it looks we may just be able to get our hands on a few brands that we’re familiar with but never thought we’d encounter in the real world.

From Flager in Magnum PI to Girlie Girl Beer from Married with Children and the generic Dharma brand beer from Lost there are a ton of TV shows who have made some fictional beer brands household names. Luckily there are a handful of brands that have made their way out of the studio and into supermarkets. So, while it’s unlikely that you’ll ever get to wrap your lips around a bottle of Buzzbeer from The Drew Carey Show there is still some hope of grabbing a case of beer from one of your favorite current TV shows.

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