Coolest Places to Break a Sweat

One unfortunate part of being stylish is being fit enough to chow down a bacon cheeseburger without your ass jumping out of your slacks. As awesome as it is to look and feel great exercising is more than just a pain, it’s a boring and expensive hassle, so we figured if we’re going to have to workout why not find some of the coolest places to get sweaty?

Frame Wall – Tokyo, Japan

Whether you’re an avid rock/wall climber or just an appreciator of fine interior decor Tokyo’s frame wall provides a little something for everyone. The Illoiha Omotesando fitness center provides climbers with a wall full of sconces, frames, vases and purple deer-heads for unique and hard-to-find grips. While this picture is purely for promotional purposes we assure you that this 2-story gym employs all the standard safety measures (business suit optional).


Sky High Trampoline Parks – Various Locations

Remember when you were a kid and either you or one of your friends proposed the idea of a floor made entirely of trampolines and it was the best thing you’d ever heard? Turns out it’s a real thing! At any one of almost 20 Sky High Trampoline Park locations you can literally bounce off the walls, dive into a giant foam pit and play dodge ball night or day. Sky High is a great place to take a date, throw things at people or to tucker-out a bus full of sugar-filled kids!


Green Lake Park – Austria

If you’re more outdoorsy and like the feel of the sun on your back this is the place to be. Hiking at this park is a favorite activity of locals during the Winter months, and understandably so. So what make this place special over any other park with varying terrain? The Answer is Summer! During the warmer months snow and ice melt off and run down into this park turning it into a swimmers dream. Where else can you hike, run, swim, scuba and grab photos like these?



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