Sexiest Olympians Part 2

One week of the Olympics has gone and we’ve gotten a ton of great feedback from our ‘Sexiest Olympians Part 1‘ post! No matter what country you’ve been rooting for it’s hard to deny that sexy athletes come from all around the world. With a whole week of Olympic-y goodness left we bring you  Part 2 of RUDE Magazine’s Sexiest Female Olympians.

Leryn Franco

Country: Paraguay
Sport: Track & Field
30 Year-Old Laryn Franco has been grabbing-up medals since 1998 and while she made our list because she can chuck a javelin well over half the length of a football with minimal effort Franco is also as sexy as they come. When she’s not donning a number and warming up she works as a model and has done everything from calendar shoots to beauty pageants

Sophie Polkamp

Country: Netherlands
Sport: Field Hockey
Sophie Polkamp is an adorable 28 year-old field hockey-monster. With a heap of medals in world competitions and gold in the 2008 Beijing Olympics Polkamp looks to be on her way to the podium again. In her time away from the field she is a Fashion Design student and an avid shopper.

Almudena Cid Tostado

Country: Spain
Sport: Gymnastics
Almudena is a super flexible 32 year-old gymnast who has been perfecting her craft since she was 6. She’s been on the Spanish National team for 18 years and is the only Spaniard  to qualify for 4 consecutive Olympic finals. Aside from being awesomely flexible she also has a modeling contract with Nike and has done multiple shoots for other brands including underwear ads.

Ana Ivanovic

Country: Serbia
Sport: Tennis
Despite only being 24 years-old Anna has held the position as one of the world’s greatest female tennis players, which may have something to do with her professional career which began at age 15.  Not only is she awesome with a racket but she also serves as a national ambassador for Serbia. On top of being an all-around wunderkind Ana’s not too hard on the eyes.

Alex Morgan

Country: United States
Sport: Soccer
While we’ve already highlighted the Seattle Sounders’ contribution the U.S. Olympic team with Hope Solo it would be hard to move on without mentioning Alex Morgan, another female Sounder. This year Morgan was able to easily grab herself a spot on the U.S.’s team when she scored 2 goals and 2 assists in the group stage qualifier.

Did we miss your favorite sexy Olympian? Let us know who we should include in Part 3 of RUDE Magazine’s Sexiest Female Olympians via facebook, in the comment section or on our twitter @getRUDEmagazine.

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