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We have seen them in movies, magazines and MTV’s Cribs. The ULTIMATE bachelor pad fully equipped with an entertainment system that takes up as much energy as a small town and would make Thomas Edison crap his pants. Beer, stripper poles and a huge selection of arcade games are the trade mark and pentacle of all bachelor pad’s but what about the small over looked things? We are going to go over some of the less flashy but still very important things of any bachelor pad.





5 FABRIC SOFTENER: not necessarily a decorative item, but never the less its completely over looked on the grand scale of things. Having a good fabric softener makes you and your clothes and everything around your clothes smell great. If you’re spending time in your glorified bachelor pad all over the couches, the bed, and everywhere in-between you want your clothes leaving a great impressionable smell ! We recommend anything that smells like sweet tarts, it really falls to preferences between cuddle soft and downy but don’t skip out on it while grocery shopping !




4 SHOWER CURTAIN: Really? Does a shower curtain even have a place in a bachelor pad? In the vortex of manly funk, beer and Kung Fu movies, do the restrictions and shackles of a shower curtain even matter? The answer: Yes. Unfortunately, even though we would rather shower with the open breeze of the hot summer air against our backs, we rarely get the option.  Why not turn this would be communist freedom destroying iron curtain into a conversation piece. Whether it’s your friends from the office over to watch the game, or a beautiful girl in a scantily clad outfit from the bar, almost 90% of the people coming to your bachelor pad will end up in your bathroom at some point. The first thing your eye is drawn to when you walk into any bathroom is the shower curtain, due to its size in most cases, taking up an entire wall. Having an interesting shower curtain will overcome those awkward silences that last for minutes and eventually lead to, “where’s your restroom” and will pick up on a better note of  ” Your shower curtain is amazing” .


3 ROOMBA: Now, we know this is an odd choice if you even know what it is, but take a minute – go look in the mirror and take a long stare into your SOUL and ask yourself….. What is manlier then robots and not having to vacuum your house EVER? The answer: well besides hot dog eating competitions, Brave Heart and taking directions from NO ONE the answer is NOTHING. The last thing you want is a girl to come to your bachelor pad and see the war zone like assortment of crumbs scattered across your floor and couch as if a cal zone/pizza/Doritos grenade just went off in your living room. Trust us, girls can and DO notice a house that has not been vacuumed and nothing kills the mood more than a girl who can’t stop sneezing. Then again what bachelor really has time to do any kind of vacuuming? I mean with a fully packed schedule of playboy mansion parties, award shows and Jay Z’s album release party it really is hard to find time. That’s where the ROOMBA comes to the rescue and why it deserves a spot as our number 3 over looked essential!

2 MOOD LIGHTING: This is what really separates the pretenders from the contenders . Effective lighting with great positioning can really turn the mood around in any situation, whether it’s a movie date night or just walking into your living room. It can change the pace of the date without an awkward transition, and for the guys who did not pick up list item #3; mood lighting can be used to hide a dusty entertainment center or chip crumbs from last weeks game. Use low wattage spot lights to focus attention on the most important pieces in the room (TV , that fancy piece of art you use to act sophisticated ) and save the atmospheric lighting for behind objects such as chairs, plants, aquariums.


1 FULLY STOCKED: A fully stocked fridge is the most over looked and hard to obtain essential of a bachelor pad, but when accomplished it can create a bachelor pad paradise. We know what your thinking, “I have beer and milk what else ??”. By fully stocked we mean FULLY stocked ,Arizona Tea ,Snapple, soda, diet soda, chocolate milk, expensive water, Mikes Hard, Vitamin water, Green tea, Hawaiian punch (in the pouch). This not only gives you a huge selection to make crazy mixed drinks with late at night, but having something for everyone makes it hard to not want to come over. Its the small over looked things remember? Plus what girl wants to look into a fridge and see beer and milk ?

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