Smart’s Forstars the Ultimate Date Car?

Miss the days of drive-in double features and feeling up your best gal in the privacy of your own car? Us too! Although we’ve been making fun of Smart Cars since they first popped up Smart may just have stumbled upon something we won’t be able to keep away from. By cramming a projector into the front of Smart’s new Forstars (yeah, that’s a film critic pun) any wall easily becomes a screen for your favorite movies and videos.

As a date car this two-seater would be perfect for any single tech junkie, cinephile or tiny car enthusiast. For now only one of Smart’s Forstars has been produced as a concept car and, while this model is decked with an impractical and ridiculous interior we can only hope to see a more realistic model produced in the future. Check out a video to see more of what this concept car has to offer in the video below

– Rude Magazine – @JordanRUDEmag

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