Apocalypse Practice

Imagine an average day, walking through the mall with your friend when suddenly the mall is overrun by zombies! What would you do? Where would you go? It’s pretty much impossible for anyone to predict when it will happen but let’s face the truth, it’s coming. Until then you can get in as much practice as you can afford with the Zombie Mall Experience.

The Zombie Mall Experience puts you right into the middle of the zombie apocalypse by filling an abandoned mall with tons of actors decked out in movie-quality zombie make-up and garb. You’ll meet up with the Police Special Zombie Bashing Unit and be outfitted with special airsoft guns to help you hold off the living dead.

After your briefing you’ll begin your trek through the mall completing video-game style missions while focusing on the overall goal of survival. The Zombie Mall Experience is located in a small town outside of London called Reading.

Unfortunately the mall is scheduled for demolition so tickets are going quick! The Experiance will be doing this for as long as possible but the days to jump on this deal are numbered. Grabbing a full 3 hours of zombie killing action will run you 139 pounds (roughly $210). If you want in check out the Zombie Mall Experience HERE







– Rude Magazine – Justin Dixon

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