Breaking Bad: Heisenberg’s Return

Season 5 of Breaking Bad starts tomorrow and we’ve been re-watching the entire series here at RUDE Magazine HQ in anticipation. Along with millions of other fans we can’t wait to see what happens next.

After the end of the season 4 finale Walt and Jessie are free and clear, likely with access to enough money to throw in the towel. But as a turn the straight and narrow would undoubtedly result in a terrible 5th season, we fully expect to see them in full-force, with their kinks ironed out and away from the threat of being underfoot.

With the banner above on Breaking Bad’s Official Facebook Page and the teaser below we expect a blood, drugs and a silo full of cash. The first of 16 episodes in Breaking Bad’s fifth and final season kicks off tomorrow on AMC so tune in.

 – Rude Magazine – @JordanRUDEmag

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