Bug-A-Salt: Awesome Extermination

If you’re grossed out by flyswatters, love Nerf guns, have an irrational fear of spiders, or just need something non-lethal to shoot at the neighbor kids, take a look at the Bug-A-Salt. Dump your salt-shaker in and go to town on flys, mosquitoes  and other small pests by cocking your gun and letting a pinch of salt fly.

With about 45 Days to go the Bug-A-Salt has achieved its goal for crowd-source funding ten-fold on indiegogo.com (Check it out here) Here’s the video of the salt-shooting shotgun, you can pick yours up for $30 by funding the indiegogo campaign WARNING: This product’s branding looks like it was done when the internet first became available to the public (also some flys were killed in the making of this video).

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