The Countdown to Arrested Development is Over

Arrested Development

For anyone who’s ever had their favorite show pulled from the air in its prime, a little redemption is finally here. Fans of Fox’s cult favorite Arrested Development are just a month away from receiving a long-awaited fourth season; set to release on May 26th on Netflix.

Die-hard fans of the show are already gearing up for the simultaneous 15 episode release wherein the entire cast, including producer and narrator Ron Howard are expected to return. In an interview on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, Jason Bateman (Michael Bluth) let fans know what they should expect from season 4.

“Each character gets their own episode, and all the action happens at the same time, so it can only really work on Netflix, where these episodes are released on the same day. So, like, you can stop my episode if you see Gob run by on his segway, you can stop mine, click over into his, watch where he’s going.”

The episodes will play out as something of a first act; building towards the release of the long awaited Arrested Development movie, slated to release sometime in 2014.

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