Esquire Magazine takes over G4 TV

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With something of a sordid history, G4 TV (once Tech TV) looks to change hands once again. Intent on remaining relevant to men, G4 will become the ‘Esquire Network,’ taking its name and voice from Esquire Magazine. While tech and gaming will retain a presence on the network, Esquire looks to appeal to the broad interests of men.

Set to ‘Rebrand’ on April 22nd Esquire’s line-up will include NBC’s Parks and Recreation as well as Starz’s Party Down and, while G4’s original shows X-Play and Attack of the Show have both already aired their final episodes the network will bring back Ninja Warrior for a fifth season as well as some original programming of their own.

Knife Fight is a Food Network esque ‘underground’ cooking competition where talented chefs cook for an obnoxious group of celebrities (Looks like Kevin Smith just got a new gig!). The show’s producer is Drew Barrymore which leads us to believe that the best part of the show is likely to be it’s name.

The Getway will be produced by Anthony Bourdain. It will follow celebrities around their favorite vacation spots, as they show their favorite places to eat, drink and hangout, we’re expecting a Travel Channel version of MTV’s Cribs.

The rest of the lineup hasn’t yet been announced yet and there is no word on what might happen to G4’s bread and butter show, C.O.P.S. (haha, remember C.O.P.S.?) but rest assured that Esquire Network will be bringing a new dimension to manliness.

Checkout Esquire Network’s full Press Release on the Next Page.

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