Request Denied (Flowchart)

Tired of arbitrarily deciding who gets to be your facebuddy? There are a lot of creeps and weirdos out there and sometimes it’s easy to get guilted into accepting a friend request.

The worst part about accepting a questionable friend request (aside from the endless stream of kid pictures or internet meme-itry) is when it comes time to unfriend that obnoxious b-hole. While the layman may not notice being unfriended the creepy dude who likes all of your status updates and only has 13 friends may take it personally…like ‘confront you in real-life with a questionable cupcake’ personally.

Here’s a sweet flow-chart to help you out and alleviate some of that guilt. If you deny a request and find yourself looking down the barrel of a cupcake just refer that weirdo to us, we’ve got your back.

Via College Humor

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