Gettin’ Stiff with your buddies

[one_third]A while back a friend came to me and told me about this new trend called planking , swamped with work and other things we ignored it but a month later its sadly gotten so big that we can help but write about it [/one_third]

If you’re a normal human being you’ve been looking for a reason to lay on top of your friends, or maybe you’re just the type of person that wants to show the world just how stiff you can get. Whoa, whoa, whoa, filthy put your pants back on we’re talking about planking… We can promise you planking is fun for the whole family, and I don’t mean that weird Brady-Bunch type family with the funny walkin’ offspring.




Planking is the new viral craze wherein one finds an outlandish place to lay down, stiffen up like a board, take a picture and then cram that sucker onto the internet. You know it’s cool because people have already died doing and at the same time it’s difficult to think of something more mundane that laying down…hell you’re probably laying down right now. The real question is why not get up and go lay somewhere you’re not supposed to?


Even celebrity’s have been jumping on the Plank Train and flooding twitter with planking pictures leaving fan’s in awh and curiosity .Some of the recent celebritys who have taken part in planking

Gilbert Arenas and Dwight Howard ,slim thug , joe budden , pacman,Rosario Dawson,Justin Bieber,usher , katy perry , chris borwn, kristen bell , ellen page , flavor flav , Bog Sean , diplo , nick cannon, rocsi diaz





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