Iron Man 3 Trailer

Psyched about what’s around the corner in the Marvel Universe? You should be, the trailer for Iron 3 just released this morning and, the two minutes of footage in the video is already better than the everything James Cameron has done since that horrible Titanic movie.

Thus far we’ve seen Tony Stark find his way out of a P.O.W. situation and a fight with an upset Russian but Iron Man 3 introduces one of Stark’s classic enemies from the comics”The Mandarin.”

Although (not surprisingly) The Mandarin is Chinese in Marvel’s comic books, actor Ben Kingsley passes as Asian just about as well as Tom Cruise in the Last Samurai, he certainly is an all-star when it comes to playing a villain.

Checkout the video below and let us know if you think Tony Stark will be able to fend off his own armored suits, save Pepper Potts and defeat The Mandarin or if Samuel L. Jackson should start looking for a new member for the Avengers!

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