Is MySpace Making A Comeback?

Are you old enough to remember MySpace? While many of us were once friends of Tom, Facebook quickly snatched up the roll of our all-in-one  social networking tool and the harder we used it the more tool-ish it became.

While most of us believed MySpace had kicked the bucket it seems that Justin Timberlake (the only member of ‘N Sync anyone has heard from in the last decade) has been working on a MySpace re-vamp since he invested last year.

And while users seem to be getting increasingly fed-up with Facebook (especially since the non-optional introduction of the Timeline) there may be no better time for MySpace to make a comeback than now.

Monday @jtimberlake tweeted this to his followers along with the video below


So can the man with almost 14 million followers who brought sexy back convince users to give MySpace another shot (or a first shot for post flip-phone generation)?

The New MySpace looks like it will integrate your life on Facebook and Twitter so you won’t have to start from scratch. If MySpace emerges as a business-friendly social networking site which allows companies and the like to hold on to the massive number of fans they’ve worked at acquiring The New MySpace may just have a shot at 1-upping the Old Facebook.

If you’re eager to get a look at what MySpace will have to offer in the future head over to and give them your email address so you can get your invite as soon as it launches.

In the mean time let us know what you think in the comments section below; will MySpace beat out Facebook or is it bound to be as successful as Google+?

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