Ken Block’s Gymkhana Five

The long awaited Gymkhana Five released today with DC shoes’ founder Ken Block racing through San Francisco Bay, We’ve been seeing teasers of Gymkhana Five’s release all month and the video dose not disappoint.

Using a [highly] modified 2012 Ford Fiesta rally car the streets throughout the entire San Francisco Bay area were transformed into a Gymkhana Course: a track where drivers navigate a series of drifts and stunts through staged obstacles.

filmed over four days, ’Gymkhana Five’ is a follow-up to Gymkhana Four’s Universal Studios as a set to create a Hollywood-like high-speed driving scene. Each of the videos in the series situates the extreme motorsport in the unexpected context of the everyday. Like all rally cars, the vehicle is a modified version of a production model, in its new iteration utilizing a 650 horsepower engine which achieves 0 to 60 mph (0 – 100 km/h) in 1.8 seconds, with a lightweight carbonfibre body that enables the car to perform jumps and turns, and other maneuvers unlike its street-legal counterpart.


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