Kickstart the Stair-Rover

Stairrover Crop

Anyone who rides a longboard in a metropolitan area knows that it’s an awesome way to get around the city; no gas, no traffic, it’s quick and it counts as exercise, but nothing can kill a good ride faster than rough terrain or stairs. Meet the Stair-Rover, one longboarding inventor’s solution to solving the almost-anywhere problem. By adding an extra set of wheels and independent movement to the longboard’s chassis the stair-rover takes bumps and steps like a champ.

Avoiding the rough ride that plagues traditional solid-construction trucks has been creator: PoChih Lai’s mission for the past 2 years, and after over a dozen iterations he’s accomplished his mission of adding a little more surf to the city. The Stair-Rover’s Kickestarter campaign is on now; head over to learn more and fund this project to help the Stair-Rover’s First production run.

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