More Marvel Movies In The Works?

With Marvel’s “The Avengers” record-setting cinema debut we’re eager to see what comes next. While confirmed sequels to Iron Man, Captain America and Thor are already in the works what we are really looking forward to are the movies that show us more of what the Marvel Universe has to offer.

In a recent interview with comic-book king Stan-Lee gave us a bit to hope for when he mentioned the water-cool talk over at Marvel Studios.

 They’re thinking about a Doctor Strange movie, a Black Panther movie, an Ant-Man movie—there’s just so many ideas in the works right now at Marvel!

-Stan Lee

From listings on IMDB to Rumors swirling the internet here are some of the most anticipated Marvel movies outside of the Avengers series.

Ant Man

Looking like Marvel’s next movie in the works Ant Man already has a director, test-footage, a script and a rumored teaser to follow Iron Man 3. With a director like Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim and Shaun of the Dead) Ant-Man may just be an awesome, fast-paced movie that you’ll pay to see more than once.

From The Comics

Three different people have donned the red unitard since Ant Man hit the pages but the movie is rumored to only focus on the suit’s creator and his predecessor.

Although he lacks the power to shoot webs or eviscerate his enemies with extendable claws Ant Man’s suit allows him shrink or grow to any size and lift four times his own weight and (according to the comic above) successfully own and operate an ant farm!

Black Panther

Since the ’90s talk of a Black Panther movie has bordered on it’s creation becoming a reality to the point that Wesley Snipes (Blade) was heavily anticipated to play the title character in Coloumbia Pictures’ developing Black Panther.

Some allusion has even been made to the character in Marvel’s Iron Man 2 and Thor and according to multiple sources there is a script.

From The Comics

The Black Panther is among, if not the first black super-hero in the world of comics. “Black Panther” is a title given to the chieftain of the African Wakandan clan. His powers come from an herb which highten his senses, instincts and physical attributes (kinda like African steroids). Notably he was also married to the X-Men’s Storm in September 2006 (happy 6th Anniversary BTW).

Dr. Strange

The last on our list of Marvel movies that may see the light of day is Doctor Strange, this movie is also reported to have a finished script and may be a reality soon. While the movie was originally rumored to be an animated Pixar film recent reports say Marvel will stick with producing live action movies.

From The Comics

Dr.  Strange was originally created in 1963 as a talented surgeon who was taught about sorcery and eventually went on to become “Sorcerer Supreme” Dr. Strange is revered as earth’s most powerful Sorcerer and magician. With all sorts of magical equipment and a library of mystical books his mansion is packed.

Unfortunately, however he can no longer perform surgery, learn to play the clarinet or assemble a jigsaw puzzle due to extensive nerve damage in his hands caused by a car wreck before having obtained his powers.

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